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Keys to a business success in Digital Era

It became a common answer for the question what is your current business goal is digital transformation.

But if we ask ourself are we really getting digitally transformed? The answer is mostly NO. Because in reality, we do the same thing again, again and again.. and expect different results.

Ok, before ask why, What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is changing the way how the business gets done.

Business is an economic activity, where we sell products or serve services to receive money.

Customers are the recipients of our products or services.

So, why we need to change the way of our business? It is to reach more customers and increase the customer satisfaction.

For example, in earlier days, we have to block a weekend day in a month to settle our utility bills. We have to wait for the bills then go to the Banks or Customer care centers and pay the bills. Now it is changed where we can settle our utility bills through online using iPayOS platform or any other online banking applications. It reduced the time taking for settling all utility bills from a Day into 5-10 minutes. Customers are more satisfied. Further iPayOS is transforming the way of utility bills getting paid through the automated utility bill metering and settlements using new technologies such is IoT. This will remove the hazel for the utility bill payers to pay the bills every month. 

Hope you understand the gravity and possibility of digital transformation in current digital world through above example.

Now we look, how these transformation were possible or what are the keys we need to success in the Digital era?

Set Goal

Define what are the values we are giving to our customers, receive their feedback and set goal to transform. 


Be open to collaborate expose and integrate with other businesses.


There are plenty of tools available to make the transformation easily and quickly. Get used to them. Eg: Collaboration tools, Integration tools, Reporting tools, etc..


Iterate the transformation again, again and again.

Finally, the digital transformation is not possible if our mindset is not changed to it.

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